27.3 bing demo

The pre-built demonstration highlights the capabilities of the package.

ml demo bing
Bing Maps

Welcome to Bing Maps REST service. This service can find the latitude
and longitude coordinates that correspond to location information
provided as a query string.

Press Enter to continue: 


 This part is to generate the latitude and longitude coordinates based
on the query. The result might be several. Here we set the query to
Priceline Pharmacy Albany Creek. In this case, it will generate a pair
of coordinates.

Press Enter to continue: 

Latitude:  -27.35361099243164
Longitude: 152.96832275390625

Bounding Box: -27.372652053833008:152.94793701171875:-27.334684371948242:152.98854064941406

Confidence: Medium

Code: UpHierarchy

Type: PopulatedPlace

Address: Albany Creek, QLD, Australia

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